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Nabil Serri
Full-stack Web Developer
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I seek the right position where I can use my skills to participate in the organization's success.

full-stack web development

CodeFactory Vienna

Responsive Design

building web pages that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Damascus University the faculty of science - department of biology

My Projects

this is my progress at CodeFactory

you can access my github account to take a look on the codes the link in the about me section..

CodeReview 5

With :Bootstrap , jquery

CodeReview 6

With :Bootstrap , Typescript

CodeReview 7

With :Angular & firebase

CodeReview 11

With :active record , MySQL, PHP

Project 1

With :HTML, SASS, Javascript

Project 2

With :Bootstrap , Angular & firebase

my first real project

With :PHP & My SQL, AJAX, jquery, Bootstrap


With :jquery, Bootstrap

About me

Nabil Serri

Web Developer

My current residency location is Dubai, UAE, but I'm originally a Colombian-Syrian national. While I studied Biochemistry and worked in molecular biology in Damascus University, I nurtured a multidisciplinary career track combining technology with biology where I learned programming in Vienna. Technology fascinates me and I aspire to become a pioneer in the field where I can invest in my skills to develop cutting-edge applications and websites. Having started to learn programming at CodeFactory allowed me to recognize my passion in web development.

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